Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes Information:

One of the responsibilities of the candidates is to sell raffle tickets at $2 apiece to raise money for the Potato Festival.  The grand prize of the raffle is $500 in cash and then a laundry list of other prizes.  If you are interested in supporting a candidate in her ticket sales you can Zelle her money using KBPFtickets@gmail.com, confirm that that sales are going to Melissa (she is the accountant for Potato Festival), and enter who you are supporting ie: Miss Mazama and your name and phone number so that the candidate can fill out your ticket stub.  You can also send money thru Venmo if you enter KBPF and the confirmation code of 0652, once again enter the candidate’s name or school along with your name and phone number.

Raffle List 2022: