The Merrill Lions Club has graciously supported the Potato Festival for decades. The many members and volunteers of this civic group spend countless hours preparing for this event. The community of Merrill may be small, but we are mighty and we believe in celebrating our historical ancestry with a huge taste of POTATO.

Potato Festival Board

Vickie Liskey – President


Bob Petrik

Sherry Parnell

Bill Beasley

Dave Hill

John & Diane Ongman

Potato Festival Committees

Melissa Heaton – Chairman of the Potato Festival

Janice Woodhouse – Chairman of the Queen Court

Queen Candidates & Chaperones – Queen Float

Merrill Lions Club – Kick-Off Dinner

Angie King – Queen Court Decor & Dining

Amie McAuliffe – Queen Compositions Skills Coordinator

Ribbon – N – Print – Queen Program Flyer

Royalty Editor/Recruiter – Janie Kirkpatrick

Bobby Douglas – Vendors & Set Up

Evening Primrose Garden Club – Flowers

Jolene Moxon – Produce & Commercial Potatoes

Norma Haskins & Gabby Haskins – Photography

Mary Alcorn & Corrine Douglas – Arts & Crafts

Cindy O’Grady – Food Entries

Greg Mathews – Music & Set UP

Steve Kandra – Parade

Chris O’Grady, Basin Fertilizer & Chemical, LLC, & Martin’s Food Center – Saturday BBQ